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Julio "Mutch" Usera, Hanshi, 9th Dan is the Master Instructor of Bujin Ki Ryu Jujitsu and Shorinji Ryu Jujitsu. He also holds an 8th Dan in Jukite Jujitsu and a 2nd Dan in Matsumura Shorin Ryu Karate. Usera has studied the martial arts for over 46 years and has been a Black Belt instructor of Jujitsu and the martial arts since 1974.


Hanshi Usera has studied, trained and received his rank under sveral prominent martial arts grand masters. They include Ken Penland (RIP), Hanshi, 10th Dan Shorinji Ryu Jujitsu and 9th Dan Shorin Ryu Karate; George Alexander, PHD, Hanshi, 10th Dan, Shorinji Ryu Jujitsu and 10th Dan in Kobudo, Matsumura Shorin Ryu Karate and White Crane Kenpo; Claude Woodson, Hanshi, 10th Dan, Jukite Jujitsu and the late Al Salazar (RIP), 9th Dan, Jukite Jujitsu. Usera currently studies Jujitsu, Karate and Kobudo under Hanshi George Alexander.


Black Hills Bujin Ki Ryu Jujitsu Honbu is own and operated by Mutch and Char Usera. Hanshi Usera is a member and serve as South Dakota state representative for the International Shorinji Ryu Jujitsu Federation and the United States Jujitsu Federartion. He is also an active member of the International Shorin Ryu Karate Kobudo Federation.


Hanshi Usera have several Black Belt students that own and operate dojos under the direction of his training program, leadership and advancement. Affiliated dojos are located in Belle Fourche, SD, Wall SD, Sioux Falls, SD and Plymouth, MN.