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2018 Master Series Martial Arts Camp with Hanshi Alexander 


Over 50 students from across the State participated in a day and a half training with Hanshi George Alexander and Hanshi Mutch Usera during a special Summer Martial Arts camp in Rapid City. Hanshi Alexander instructed students on basic karate katas, kobudo and Jujitsu.


Al Horner's Eclectic Martial Arts Seminar- April 2015

Hanshi Usera visited Allen Horner, 6th Dan, Kyoshi, at Horner's Eclectic Martial Arts Dojo in Plymouth, MN. Hanshi Usera conducted sessions in Jujitsu and Shorin Ryu Karate. Horner was also promoted to his 7th Dan, Shihan during the seminar.

2017 Master Series Martial Arts Camp
Oct 6-8, 2017, Rapid City, SD

Hanshi Usera presented the 2017 Master Series Martial Arts Camp held at Black Hills Bujin Ki Ryu Jujitsu Dojo at the Rushmore Mall. Over 50 participated in the weekend camp with training in Jujitsu, Karate,Kenpo, Iaido, Grappling, Kumute, Kobudo and weapon defense. Instrustors included: Hanshi Mutch Usera, Shihan Allen Horner, Sensei Mark Borresen, Sensei Joe Herreman and Sensei Bob Duemig.

Dynamic Martial Arts Jujitsu Seminar - April 2015

Hanshi Usera conducted a Jujitsu seminar for Dynamic Martial Arts dojo in Sioux Falls, SD. Joe Herreman, Sensei, 4th Dan holds Jujitsu and Karate classes at DMA.


Lee Brown was also promoted to his Nidan during the seminar. 

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